Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Book Discussion: How I discovered Young Adult books

When i was a child, I would describe myself as a reader, not an avid reader, nor bookworm, just a reader.
I read when I needed to, at school and with my mum at home, that was basically all.
Despite my love for these magical world's created, by mere words, I found myself lacking interest in reading as a hobby, I just wasn't very good at reading.

As the years went on I read more and more to myself, but overall less time reading altogether. I mainly read Jacqueline Wilson books, and was secretlty envious of those who read much more than me. I spent years on low reading grades, lower than average atleast, this was mainly because I was never good at reading aloud, the main way our reading grade was tested. I was unable to show my true potential.
I became close to giving up reading, until I discovered reading online, on websites such as Quizilla and FictionPress. These stories were written not by author's but my fellow peers. For me the stories were simplier to read.

Due to to these stories, I got a very werid obsession with vampires, as they were the hype of these websites, and in 2008 my sister told me about this book turned film about vampires: 'Twilight'. The moment I watched the film, I knew I needed to read the book, and that I did, which obviously resulted in me reading rest of the series, and finding a love of reading once again come back, but this time I could read these books and understand them completely. It wasn't long til I became the obsessive reader, I call myself today.
Reading is probably the best thing which has ever happened to me, and I hope it's a hobby and love I manage to keep for years and years.

How did you become a reader?
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  1. You are most definitely not alone, I think 90% of people reading YA today owe it in some part to the Twilight Series. It was a re-introduction to YA (and reading) for me as well. It opened so many doors to me, introducing me to so many amazing authors and books! Welcome to the blogosphere btw, I'm a newbie myself:)