Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday Discussion: Negative Reviews and Book Blogging Conflicts

Negative Reviews by amateur blogger's, is something which has caused conflict within the literature world, but as more young people begin reading and blogging the conflict has increased. Within the first few days of this year, we have all witnessed disgraceful and rather horrible behaviour by a number of author's and agents against negative reviews.
Of course this is not the first time this has happened, as over the years many blogger's have been verbally attacked and insulted by author's, due to good natured and honest negative review's.

I 100% support negative reviews, and am not afraid to write or post one. As I say if an author can write a bad book, I can write a negative review.

The whole point of being a reviewer in my mind, is to put forth your opinions, why should people be penalised for writing a bad review, but encouraged to write positive reviews, when we should be writing our opinion's only.

Many reader's I know, do not base whether they read a book or not, on a singular negative review, but I have witnessed many say they would never read a book by an author who acts unprofessional.

Advice to Reader's
Always remember that one negative review is the opinion of one person alone, people's opinions on books differ depending on what they prefer. One person may not like a book, but you may. Do not let review's put you off reading a book you think you may like.

Advice to Bloggers
Personally I believe all blogger's should post completely honest reviews, though of course their is numerous blogger's who do not want to, as a way to avoid conflict, I support and understand their descion to do so. But I ask for all you blogger's to sit and think before you refuse to post negative review's, you will not ruin a friendship with author's, by posting a negative review, as the majority of author's accept what is written by their work, and the author's who will complain are the one;s you do not want a friendship with.
Negative review's do not ruin your chance of receiving ARC's, in fact publishing companies probably prefer to see blog's who have a mixture of reviews. Just remember, to always make sure your reviews are not a major bitch-fest, but as positive as you can for a negative review. I always make sure to point out that my reviews are one singular person's opinion, and not the opinion of the whole blogging world.

Advice to Authors
If you plan to be an author, and are obviously putting your own work into the world to almost be critized by reader's, then accept and embrace the critizm you recieve, see it as a chance to improve your books, to become loved by many more.
Disgusting behaviour, will be the one thing to ruin a career, especially considering how close the world of book blogging can be, and news can spread like wildfire, as an author think responsibly about the decisions you make, as you are the celebrities of the book world.

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